CINI TAL-MIJA Butcher Gozo


Of course, you cannot visit Malta and not try one of the most popular snacks on the islands - pastizzi.  These warm, savoury pastries are traditionally made out of filo pastry or puff pastry and are filled with either warm ricotta cheese 'tal-irkotta' or mushy peas 'tal-piżelli'.  They are cheap, delicious and addictive, with pastizzerias  found all over the island.  Pastizzi are popular snacks at any time of day, all year round and taste great with a cold glass of Kinnie, Malta's own soft drink which has a bitter sweet taste.  Pastizzi have become so popular in recent years that various cafes and restaurants in other countries, such as the UK, Australia and Canada have also started serving this delicious snack.