House Made Bacon

Bacon is easy and fun to make at home. It’s just pork belly that’s been cured and smoked; both are things you can do with a minimum of ingredients and equipment.

The process takes about a week: 7 days of curing and 2 hours of smoking. The effort is minimal. 20 minutes to apply the cure and package up the bacon-to-be, a few minutes each day to flip the bags in the fridge, and then about half an hour of work to smoke it.

The pork belly is obtained at any Asian grocery, or ask your local butcher if they have it. The recipe scales pretty well. The main limitation is how much bacon you can fit in your BBQ, smoker, or oven.

You’re going to need:

Kosher salt
Dextrose or sugar
Pink salt (optional, see step 2)
Pork belly (see step 1)
BBQ or Smoker with smoking wood (I usually use applewood), or you can use an oven
Plastic bags to fit the pork belly in
Fridge space for the pork belly while it cures