Cold Cuts

Cold cuts are thin slices of cooked meat which are served cold. The main course includes cold cuts such as chicken, roast beef, and salami. Our customers have fresh cold cuts of beef and ham every day.

Picnic Ham

This wonderfully meat can be cooked and enjoyed in many ways: Whole roast, roasted or grilled in slices (with or without the bone) or shredded in casseroles and woks.



An Italian roast pork dish traditionally made by slow roasting a suckling pig stuffed with ingredients and basting it with olive oil during the cooking process to keep it moist.

Streaky Bacon

Streaky bacon comes from the pork belly. It has long alternating layers of fat and muscle running parallel to the rind.


Back Bacon

Back bacon is a cut of bacon that includes the pork loin from the back of the pig. It may also include a portion of the pork belly in the same cut. It is much leaner than side bacon made only from the pork belly. Back bacon is derived from the same cut used for pork chops.


Smoked Pork Shanks

The pork shank is the front forearm of the pig. This cut is tough, because the pigs develop muscles living in the woods, which in turn gives the meat incredible flavor that tastes next-level compared to layman's pork. The bone it surrounds has marrow that melts into a braise when slow cooked, making it extra tender.


Chicken Ham

Chicken ham is made by soaking the whole chicken in a salt brine for a period of time depending on it's weight and then cooking and/or smoking it.


Gammon is the hind leg of pork after it has been cured by dry-salting or brining, which may or may not be smoked. Unlike most ham, but like bacon, it must be cooked before it is safe to eat.

Green Gammon

Unsmoked gammon is sometimes referred to as "Green Gammon", which means the meat is cured in brine but not smoked and remains uncooked.

Pork Loin

Pork loin is a cut of meat from a pig, created from the tissue along the dorsal side of the rib cage.