Lamb - a small sheep

  • Should be light pink and eaten fresh.
  • Suits both mild and hot spices.
  • High quality – but also a long trip – from New Zealand.
  • Boil meat that has been frozen

Lambs were the first animals to be domesticated in Mesopotamia about 9000 years ago. Our ancestors clearly had good taste.

Minced lamb

Mince from lamb tastes great due to the high level of fat, and it produces a touch of the Mediterranean to dishes such as moussaka and spicy mince skewers.


Make meatballs, meat patties, mince skewers, pies, meatloaf, sauce Bolognese, pasties, sausage etc. Season with Mediterranean herbs, cinnamon, sumac, garlic, lemon, cumin, fresh coriander, curry, garam masala, paprika, chilli, ginger, carnation, anchovies, etc

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Lamb entrecote

The neck fillet on a lamb is a tasty and tender cut. Preferably cooked whole before slicing and serving.


Lamb meat comes from young animals and is a fresh commodity. A lamb fillet, fried or grilled fresh and allowed to rest before being served with a pink interior, is a delicacy and hard to beat. Take it to the highest level with red wine, white wine, thyme, rosemary, beans, garlic and a variety of potatoes.

Use a thermometer and be very picky about getting the right temperature for the best result.

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Lamb chops

When you cut up a whole loin of lamb along its length you get lamb chops. These cuts of meat are relatively small and are therefore usually left intact and "double" (the equivalent cut from a pig, a pork chop, is split down the middle). Hence the pretty, symmetrical shape


Don't remove fat from the chops before cooking them. The fat provides lots of flavor and your guests can take care of removing it on their plates.

Cook the chops by applying intensive heat in a pan or on a grill for a short time. You want the surface to be properly seared, but without the delicate meat being cooked through. Let the last stage of cooking take place with residual heat in a warm oven – or even in a warm spot on your stove. Use a thermometer.


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Lamb racks

Are grilled whole or as chops and consists of the front part of the rack. The tender, fine meat easily gets dry and should be pink inside


A splash of oil, some pepper, some salt and a quick, but intense round in the pan or on the grill – nothing more is needed. Or grill the whole piece in the oven to an internal temperature of 54° centigrade.

Use a thermometer and make sure that the meat is not cooked dry. Keep in mind that the internal temperature keeps rising even after you have removed the meat from the heat.

Try to replace the potatoes as accessory with, for example, polenta.

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Whole loin of lamb

Can be roasted whole in the oven or cut into lamb chops if the rack is cut lengthwise. The meat is encapsulated in flavoring fat and bone and becomes most tasty with short preparation. It should be served pink inside.


This large cut with plenty of bone will take a little time to heat up. Take it out of the fridge at least two hours before cooking.

Sear the loin to give it a tasty surface. Then use a thermometer and let it reach perfect temperature in a warm oven.

If preparing cutlets or chops, subject them to high heat for a very short period of time. They probably don't have to spend any time in the oven to reach the right internal temperature, a warm place close to your stove will probably suffice.



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Loin fillet of lamb

These cuts come from each side of the deboned lamb rack. The meat is tender and delicious – but thin slices are easily overcooked and become dry.


The tender, fine meat of the fillet is lean and it is better to fry them than to grill them. Keep in mind that they are so small that the cooking time is a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

Creamy gratins are a good method to enhance the delicious, but lean taste of the meat by adding more fat.

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Lamb chump

The boneless trimmed leg steak is a tender and delicious cut suitable for grilling or whole roasting in the oven.


The boneless trimmed leg steak can also be grilled on indirect heat. It can be cut and sliced, but will not be as tender as other parts of the lamb, such as the fillets.

Use a thermometer an make sure to hit the right inner temperature. When overcooked the meat goes hard and dry.

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Lamb silverside

Tender meat that is suitable for schnitzel and roulades. It can also substitute with the sirloin or chump.


The lamb silverside is very tender, but also very sensitive to heat. Fry with care or place it on the barbeque – but then you should accompany the meat with juicy vegetables and sauces.

The center must be pink so as not to get dry. Use a thermometer.


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Leg of lamb

Or "leg steaks". The leg consists of the largest muscles on the back leg and can be cut with or without the shank and chump and with or without the bone.


Leg of lamb can be roasted whole in the oven at low temperatures with or without the bone.

Choose a leg with a layer of fat. The fat on the outside is probably more important to the taste than the bone inside, as the heat reaches the middle of the steak last. Let it rest properly for a while before serving.

Cut the pink, juicy meat across the fibres.

You don't need the butcher's help to divide the muscles on the leg into three tasty, tender cuts. Very carefully cut the meat loose from the bone with a pointed knife. All that is needed are a few slices starting in the narrow end of the steak. The meat that detaches will fall in three different sized parts by itself. Roast according to all the rules, slice, serve and enjoy.

The leg steaks tend to lose their shape and risk turning into "chunks" of tough meat if cooked on one side at a time. They are better of in a casserole. They are a perfect – and actually tastier – replacement for the leg steaks of veal that make a traditional "Osso buco".

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Lamb kidney

A delicacy that tastes wonderful when barbequed and is at its best when combined with intensive flavors.


Fry in butter and burn off with brandy and Madeira. Onion, bacon, mustard, capers and black pepper are also accessories that add the right flavors.

Not only the tastes should be balanced. When cooking and presenting organ meats it is more important than ever to create a dish with colorful components with different textures and mouth-feel.

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Lamb liver

Surface grilling gives lamb liver an extra wonderful taste and an appetizing texture. A gridiron facilitates the handling over the grill.


Fry or grill at high heat to achieve a tasty surface and balance with strong taste enhancers such as onion, capers, lemon and mustard.

In a liver casserole it is important that ingredients like onion and pork belly/bacon get a proper, caramelized and tasty surface. These flavors make all the difference for the end result.

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Lamb shank

Cook the whole shank in the oven until the meat falls off the bone. The shank can also be grilled after cooking, to get a tasty surface.


This cut is rich in collagen and fat, hence a lot of flavor. The best way to cook the meat is slowly and at low temperatures, resulting in very smooth and tender, very tasty dark meat.

Cook at 150° centigrade or less.

Simply using salt, olive oil, pepper, garlic and a dash of wine can enhance the rich taste of the shank. Or you can match the raw material with highly aromatic spices from the Orient, such as cinnamon and ginger.

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Lamb shoulder

The front of the lamb contains strong meat with a high level of fat that you can prepare with or without the bone to make rich casseroles. If you remove the bone, the piece that is left can be filled with spices and be tied up to a steak that you slow cook in the oven at a low temperature.


When cooked on low heat lamb shoulder results in tasty meat that melts in your mouth.

If cooking a stew, remove as much foam as possible at the start. The tasty gravy works especially well when combining spices that are common around the Mediterranean, in North Africa and in India.

Slow cooking give the most reliable result, but with correct handling – for example marinating and indirect heat at the hands of a skilled cook – these cuts can be grilled as well.

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Lamb brisket

Breast of lamb is often ground to mince, but it can be filled with spices if the bone is removed. It is then tied up to a roll, which is cooked on a low heat, then roasted in the oven and served in slices.


The brisket with the bones removed is prepared much like a "Swiss roll". The roll is filled with mediterranean spices – or any other spices that go well with lamb. Tie up the roll with string and cook in the oven at low temperatures for a long time. Cut the rolled up breast of lamb in pretty slices and serve with tasty accompaniments.

Their perfect size and high level of fat make lamb spareribs perfect for the barbeque. You can pre-boil them in a tasty bouillon to get a tender, juicier meat.

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A goat, of course, is neither a cut of meat nor a lamb – but we feel it belongs here since it is a close relative. The most important thing to know about meat from a goat is that it should in most cases NOT be cooked the way you cook lamb, see below.

The domesticated goat has plenty of near relatives in the wild


To boost flavors – and because it feels like a feast – you can sear the meat rapidly after boiling or braising it.

The taste is reminiscent of herbs and goes well with thyme. And with powerful Indian and Oriental spices. Tagine and curry are typical dishes where goat is popular.

Try marinating the meat in wine or yogurt before cooking.

Only very young animals – kids that have suckled and had little time to eat grass – can be treated like lamb. Since goats (the females, that is) are kept for breeding and milk production, a small goat or "kid" at your butchers is almost always a young billy-goat. Aim for an inner temperature of 58°C.

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